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To: Los Angeles Unified School District/Local District West/LAUSD School Board

Protect Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot School from Charter Growth

We are standing up and demanding:
a) the District maintain the integrity of our school’s programs
b) the District do what’s right by and for our children, our community
c) the District move the charter to another site

Why is this important?

We are concerned community members of Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot, a school doing amazing things with and for our Black and Brown babies, 80% Black.

1. Local, Black District officials (one of whom went to Baldwin) and local, Black LAUSD Board office heads are laying low, doing nothing to protect our school’s programs.

2. Charter school needs space, wants to move to another LAUSD campus with space, while LAUSD is actively NOT pursuing this alternate agreement to move the charter.

3. What space on Baldwin Hills campus does LAUSD want to give to the charter?
a). Our music room
b). Our arts room
c). Our technology lab
d). Our parent run after school childcare room, where one our mothers pays LAUSD rent, to house her program on our campus for our families

4. What makes Baldwin Hills a special place, one worth preserving?
a). 2 out of 3 students score near/at/above standards in mathematics
b). 3 out of 4 students score near/at/above standards in language arts
c). We’re a Pilot school with autonomies to innovate. We focus on culturally responsive teaching, STEAM, and project based learning.
d). We are a highly rated arts program school.
e). Multiple Excelling Magnet Awards
f). National Board Certified Teachers alongside LAUSD Rookie of the Year Teacher

5. We’re doing this with children that nationally are underserved and underperforming: Black and Brown students. So, while the District lays low, we stand up!

Do what's right! Move the charter to another site!

#westandupforbaldwinhills #whoarewebhep


2018-05-24 05:56:38 -0700

We need your help! Share! Post! Tweet!
Our petition delivery to LAUSD HQ! The fight continues!

2018-05-03 11:24:43 -0700

We need your help! Call L.A. Unified School District to tell them to do their job and find another space for the charter school.

On May 1st, Baldwin Hill parents and community members were supposed to testify at a recent L.A. Unified School Board of Education. But, they pulled a sketchy move and changed our testimony time much earlier in the day so most of our parents -- majority working Black and Brown families -- couldn't make it. Silencing Black parent voices is wrong and undemocratic.

Flood LAUSD with calls to say that you #StandUpForBaldwinHills. LAUSD wouldn't let us speak during their hearing, but they are definitely going to hear us now. Please help us save our programming at this innovative community public school where Black babies are learning and thriving. Call today and raise the volume.

2018-04-28 06:46:38 -0700

This is an issue of RACE!
This is an issue of EQUITY!
This is an issue of JUSTICE!
It’s time the BOARD at large hear our voices and see our presence en masse!
Let the Board know that LAUSD MUST do what’s right by and for our school community.
Let’s pack the Board Room in Baldwin Blue!
Bring your signs!
Bring your bullhorns!
Bring your children!
Board Meeting @ Beaudry Building, 4:00

2018-04-27 13:13:46 -0700

5,000 signatures reached

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Check out our scholars speaking out for our school!

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