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To: US Attorney General

STOP DIRTY S.F. CITY ATTORNEY TAKING $25mm from Black Landlord

STOP DIRTY S.F. CITY ATTORNEY TAKING $25mm from Black Landlord


Why is this important?

in the past, BLACKS could NOT own Property. Then, when the laws appeared to change, the BANKS RED-LINED Ownership.

Now - the City Governments are Creating FALSE CASES to take BLACK PROPERTY OWNERS and ILLEGALLY TAKING their Properties. In the case of Ms. Kihagi, the smear campaign that represented her as Black Slumlord is so far from the truth. Yet - knowing most people would NOT get past that PR Machine - the City derailed the Truth.

The San Francisco City Attorney made more than 20 misrepresentations to the Court with full knowledge of the actual facts.

This is total abuse of power - and should be stopped! In fact, the TRUE MOTIVE for such conduct was to RACIAL DERAIL a successful, black landlord. More than $25million is at stake. It is clear that the 2 major cases in San Francisco have been against successful, BLACK Landlords - is this a Coincidence?

They spent over 70% of their resources fighting one lone, black landlord and lied to the public that she was a slumlord. Yet the BUILDINGS are in better condition than 90% of S.F. Condo. EYES DON'T LIE.

STOP DIRTY CITY ATTORNEYS - see more articles at

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I have experienced similar injustices from local codes Department working with the judicial system and real slum lords who wrongly evict low income and/or tenants with disabilities even though the units have been documented as unhabitable or in violation of the warranty of habitability. Judges and elected officials turning a blind eye to these illegal actions and systemic injustices is the root cause of our nation's ongoing homelessness crisis.
  • Yes, that's San Fran, trying to continue to grow their way by take, take break. Redlining is def still alive and well be there are law makers in San Fran who claim that is not the case. Ok, Mayor Breed, I know you got a lot on your plate, but could you have someone check into this?
  • Very major for us to stick together against oppression!!!


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