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To: Nashville Mayor, Megan Barry, Metro Nashville Police Department, and Metro Nashville Council

Stop Legislation to Militarize Nashville Police

Stop Megan Barry's legislation from being approved to give Metro Nashville Police a million dollars to militarize the police, instead, give the money towards body camera's, something the community has been asking for since Michael Brown's murder in 2014, give the money toward's affordable housing legislation, which is something the community has been asking for since forever.

Why is this important?

This is important because the logic behind the legislation is faulty. Black folks are being murdered by the police every 28 hours and Metro Nashville has yet to immediately dip in to the reserves for black folks and or poor people. All of a sudden the mayor feels a need to dip in to metro Nashville's reserve fund for militarized weaponry that will only widen the racial divide and create massive distrust of police moving forward? In addition, Mayor Barry and Chief Anderson is doing this in honor of a police officer who died of natural causes. Come out Sept 6th at 6:30pm Metro Nashville Courthouse, to demand this legislation be turned down and the monies be used for body camera's!!!!!!!

Nashville, TN, United States

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