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To: The San Francisco School Board

Paint down Washington High School's racist mural!

Paint down Washington High School's racist mural!

Vote yes to painting over the racist mural at Washington High School that depicts George Washington standing over the bodies of dead indigenous people before the first day of the SFUSD 2019-2020 academic year.

Why is this important?

I stand with the many people who are working to take down the racist "Life of Washington" mural at the SFUSD high school at 600 32nd Ave. in the Richmond District. The large-scale painting at this school depicts George Washington standing over the bodies of dead Indigenous people and is a symbol of white supremacy that Black and Native students are forced to walk past every day, as a constant reminder that the institution that is supposed to care for and educate them glorifies the colonialism and slavery of their people.

Over three years ago, Amy and Kai Anderson, parent and student of the school that contains the murals, reignited the take down the murals campaign. It first started in 1968, with the school's Black Student Union and the SF Black Panther Party. During that time, in protest, ink was thrown upon the fresco murals and can be seen there to this day.

After three years of advocacy and organizing from parents, students and alumni, the school board has finally agreed to take the mural down but is voting about the method for taking it down tomorrow. Many who are hoping to eventually landmark the mural in order to protect it are insisting that the board cover up the mural with wooden panels that can easily be removed. But the school board has a chance to live up to its values of being fearless, social justice-centered, and student-driven by voting to paint over the mural and remove a symbol of white supremacy from its halls once and for all instead.

Tell the San Francisco School board that racism and white supremacy have no place in our education system. Demand that they vote yes to painting over Washington High School's racist mural!

San Francisco, CA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • we must maintain dignity for all people, this mural does not show any dignity for indigenous people
  • Enough with racism!
  • Racism is appalling


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