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To: Miami Dade County Public School Board

Tell MDCPS to Allow the People to Testify for Budget Hearings

MDCPS public budget hearings will be occurring on July 29th and on September 12th. These hearings are the only opportunity community members have to testify and speak to the re-allocation of funds that must happen in our public schools. The budget process as it stands is inaccessible and made up almost entirely of back-door negotiations. This budget of over 6 billion dollars is public taxpayer money - the people's money. It is not a bold demand to say we should have a direct say over where public dollars go. MDCPS has shifted to not allowing community members to testify on their own behalf, you may submit an e-mail, and the board will read it on your behalf. Community members will not be able to express their thoughts, words and emotions directly to the board, and the power of this key civic act will be diminished. This is undemocratic. This is a tactic to suppress community control. MDCPS must allow community members to testify on their own behalf.

Why is this important?

MDCPS is the nation's fourth largest school board district, with over 350,000 students, and is the largest employer in the county. In the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, we all know public schools will be one of the worst hit, with severe budget cuts concurrent with over-policing policies. Join Power U in demanding that schools be sites of support and holistic student development.
Miami, FL, USA

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2020-07-31 08:57:48 -0700

UPDATE: The first budget hearing went down this Wednesday night and MDCPS refused to allow community members to testify on their own behalf. Power U will continue to place pressure on these decision makers to allow us to testify and participate in a process that holds so much power our public funds.

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