To: U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman, Southern District New York

Tell U.S. Attorney Berman - Drop the Charges Against Therese Patricia Okoumou!

Tell U.S. Attorney Berman - Drop the Charges Against Therese Patricia Okoumou!

This Friday, August 3, 2018 at 10 a.m., Patricia Okoumou, our own live Lady Liberty will go to court to face charges for her brave act on Independence Day. Instead of recognizing the inhumane actions of ICE and detention centers complicit in carrying out Trump's anti-immigration policies, the U.S. Attorney is bringing charges against Therese Patricia Okoumou that could land her in jail for months. We're calling on U.S. attorney to drop the charges NOW!

Why is this important?

Our national government has ripped apart thousands of families and put young children in cages. As part of our basic right to protest outlined in the constitution, Therese Patricia Okoumou climbed Lady Liberty to raise awareness of this injustice, a pattern wrought against thousands of families over the course of America's history. Sign the petition and let the U.S. attorney know we will not tolerate further injustice and we will not be silent about the harm our government is inflicting on children and families. DROP THE CHARGES TODAY!

Reasons for signing

  • JUST SIGNED IT. IT FEELS GOOD TO BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HUMANKIND'S EVOLUTION. Patricia Okoumou is a real Heroin to me and with Love & gratitude I say to her Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being courageous, brave, and so loving of these innocent children at the Mexican-Us border. Xoxo. Love never fails. Love always wins.
  • Peace on earth and good will to all we sang while one of the kids we don’t consider part of the “all” spent Christmas Eve throwing up and dying. It’s not to keep our country safe. We have plenty of citizens with guns ready to blow you away at school church concert or store already. It is done to impress you with what a big strong man your president is.
  • An example of brave justice during a time of scum in the white house.


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