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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo, William Fitzpatrick, and Diane Holford.

The Petition to FREE Nicholas Zimmerman

Please read the below petition and (the documents / evidence located at the hyper-link pages) and sign Mr. Zimmerman's petition if you agree that he is innocent and wrongfully convicted and is being held in prison for (7) seven years beyond his maximum release date.

Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo, William Fitzpatrick and Diane Holford,
I recently visited the website of and and I have familiarize myself with the wrongful conviction of Nicholas Zimmerman. Specifically, I have read Nicholas Zimmerman's letter to Diane Holford ( requesting that his miscalculated sentence be corrected and that he be immediately released from prison. The affidavit by Nakia Stubbs( in which she states that she was forced by Assistant District Attorney Leigh Bishop (, Affidavit by Natasha Dockery ( and Samuel Belnavis ( that states Nicholas did not attack Nakia Stubbs, the affidavits by Haron Wilson ( and Theophulus Brown ( that states Nicholas Zimmerman (Puzz Pacino) performed at jam rock night club at the time Nakia was attacked, Nicholas Zimmerman's book "My Side of The Story-The Investigation Part-I" ( in which he explains how he was set up by Leigh Bishop with the Nakia Stubbs case and I have listened to the recorded conversation between Nicholas Zimmerman and Nakia Stubbs ( in which she admits that Bishop "coached her testimony very well" to convict Nicholas. Based on the evidence, and other information I have learned about this case, I am asking that Nicholas Zimmerman be immediately released from prison and that his conviction be overturned!

Why is this important?

Diane Holford and the Sentencing Review Unit within the New York State Department of Corrections has a long history of illegally and intentionally miscalculating and adding additional jail time to thousands of prisoners sentences. In the case of Early v. Murray 451 F.3d 71 ( 2nd Cir. 2006, See 2016 Early Decision ) the federal appeals court for New York found that DOCCS had been illegally and unconstitutionally adding Post Release Supervision ( parole time ) to prisoners sentences when the courts had not done so. Nicholas Zimmerman is facing a similar situation with DOCCS. Please help us bring him home !

How it will be delivered

by mail or through color of change.

New York, NY, USA

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