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To: VP Joe Biden; Members of Congress, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, Nancy Pelosi & Charles Schumer

VERIFY One Person, One Vote. Congress must OBJECT to the INVALID 2016 Electoral College results.

OBJECT to the INVALID election of 2016! Stand Up for Our Democracy! Protect the American people, especially the Black and Brown voters who were systematically targeted and denied the right to vote through Intense Voter Suppression, Fraudulent Ballot Counting and New Discriminatory Voter Identification – measures that have disproportionately cheated Black and Brown, young and poor people out of their vote! We MUST insist on first class citizenship for all -- One Person, One Vote!

Before certification on January 6, 2017,, we MUST run a non-partisan campaign to verify the vote, even if that means delaying the installation of the next President.
• Cross-Check: A 30 state coordinated strategy targeting millions of Black and Brown voters with similar first and last names, erasing them even though middle names and dates of birth were different. Without notification, these voters were wrongfully dropped from the rolls for the “crime” of allegedly attempting to vote in two places.
• Officials admit 87 machines were broken in Democratic-leaning Detroit, MI on Election Day leaving 74,000 uncounted ballots. The margin of victory was 11,612 votes.
• Victory was declared also in WI, PA, FL, AZ and NC with very slim margins. The irregularities in three of these states alone would have changed the Electoral count by 86 electors.

Why is this important?

One person, one vote is the bedrock of Democracy! Without the right to vote, people are forced to live with public policies that are against their interests. Because of voter suppression, racial profiling and criminalizing voters of color, the 2016 election results do NOT represent the majority of the American people. Verify the will of the people! Ask your Senator and Congress Member (202-224-3121) to join the OBJECTION!

In her Recount Report, the Jill Stein campaign found “human and machine error, especially in under-resourced black and brown communities.” Trump LOST in 2016!! CORRUPTION led to illegitimate election results. Democracy cannot survive when election results cannot be trusted. It has never been more important to FIGHT for our Democracy.

Ruby Sales - Sisters in Struggle
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Amy Billingsley - Sisters in Struggle
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Ann Massaro -Women and Allies
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