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To: Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development, Trinity Davis

Acknowledge and Expose Black History in Schools

The administrators and programmers of the school system must be persuaded to expose children to Black History and acknowledge its importance in learning about the past in order to assure a better enlightened, enriched, safe, and smarter future. Everyone in the Board of Education must be informed of this matter. All students should be given an equal opportunity to visually, mentally, and physically experience information that will increase their knowledge, integrity, respect, care, and curriculum. Black History is definitely that kind of information.

Why is this important?

Schools do not go very in depth to the things that actually affect the communities we live in. Without the proper education, our generations of children will loose intelligence over time. Increasing the level of exposure for big topics like Black History will open the minds of students, enhancing their positive skill sets and outcomes. For example, when I was in my World History class at Center High School in Kansas City, Missouri, my History teacher, Mr. Chambers showed the class articles and videos and books that exposed the truth and reality of Black History. When we witness what was shown, we became more mellow, respectful, and responsible than how we were in the beginning of the year. It is very important for our students, (children, and young adults), to know about the slavery, segregation, integration, Civil Rights, police brutality, White on Black crime, and Black on Black crime throughout Black History, and everything that made up the evilness with in the Black communities over time. Doing so will give students a better understanding of what the past was like for Black, (African American), people, and why Black people protest, retaliate, and die in our communities and nation. Students must be taught the truth about all of the things that Black people have gone through and accomplished to be equal citizens of this nation, and to be treated like equal citizens of this nation. Accomplishing these goals of acknowledging and exposing Black History in schools will make a better tomorrow for everyone.

How it will be delivered

I will email the petition to Trinity Davis and The Missouri DESE.

Kansas City, MO, United States

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