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To: Texas Department of Public Safety. Kim Ogg, Baytown, TX Police Department and Harris County Sheriff's Office

After the smoke clears... Arrest Juan DelaCruz for the senseless murder of Pamela Turner

Arrest and terminate Juan DelaCruz immediately, for the heinous shooting of Pamela Turner. She was mentally ill and he knew this, because they had prior run-ins. He claimed to fear for his life, because she had gained control of the taser, but once deployed; the taser was deemed inoperable, something he also knew, as an eleven year veteran. To add, she was on the ground and he had already put a good distance between them, and could have easily pepper sprayed her before she could have got a good footing, and attempt to do him bodily harm. This was premeditated murder, due to his own vendetta towards her, and should not have been overlooked for an entire year. Please help us get justice!

Why is this important?

Because I too suffer with mental health issues and have been beaten by the police and plenty of counterparts on many horrific occasions, because of me failing to take my medication and becoming manic; so this could have been me, but only for the Grace of God. Her story resonates with me through and through, and come to find out, there's many others who've met a terrible demise like Pamela, due to police officers not being properly trained to deal with the mentally ill.

How it will be delivered

Both electronically and via US Mail

Baytown, TX, USA

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Good afternoon, I've started another petition for Pamela Turner, who was murdered in Baytown, TX on May 13, 2019. Would you please help me with this one also? Watch this, then please sign this