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To: The Governor of the state of Louisiana


Fully exonerate August Williams of the crime of rape that he was charged for at the of 15 years old.

Why is this important?

Mr. Williams didn't commit the crime he was charged with and served 50 years of his life for. There was and is concrete evidence of his innocence given by 2 medical doctors that was dismissed by the all white jury that saw fit to convict a 15 year old child for a rape he didn't commit. Children don't belong in prison.
That 15 year old boy never waivered in his truth and testimony and still as an elder, he stands convicted in his innocence and we ask you to stand with him.

How it will be delivered

We plan to both hand deliver and send it certified mail to the Governor of Louisiana's office as well as to the New Orleans District Attorney's office for review.
Once delivered, we will schedule a press conference to take place toward the end of that same week.



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