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To: Corbin Bates Prosecutor, Judge Benedict Willard

Innocent Orlando Brown Found Guilty

Orlando Brown is an innocent man. He's being railroaded by the system. There's evidence and witnesses that were intentionally hidden from the jury. We're asking Judge Benedict to exonerate Mr. Brown as he's an innocent man. The justice system is there to protect people and Mr. Brown rights are being violated. Mr. Brown wasn't given a fair chance to due process. Mr . Brown was convicted with no evidence and all word of mouth by the alleged victim whom he dated for 9 years. The alleged victim put Mr. Brown in jail over 8 other times and those were all dismissed yet this wasn't brought to the jury's attention. The alleged victim also had several phone calls stating that she would hurt Mr. Brown by hurting another woman by locking him up. Please exonerate Mr. Brown as he is an innocent man that doesn't deserve what the judicial system has done. Thank you

Why is this important?

As a minority so called blacks deal with injustice everyday. Being that so called blacks are in poverty leads to them not being financially able to afford an attorney. Therefore, several so called black men are thrown away in the prison system while being innocent. There's power in numbers and if we stand up and fight through the injustice done to the minority groups change will be made. Mr Brown has children and if he isn't exonerated his children will grow up without a father. Please help bring Mr Brown home to his children.