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To: parents, educators, youth

Be The Change

Today violence can happen anywhere, at a grocery store, at a movie theater, in neighborhood schools, and in our own homes and minds.

Violence doesn't look at our skin color, our bank balance, or even the zip code where we live. We have become immune to it.

It is time to act now.

It is time to actively promote peace, nonviolence, and compassion in our schools, homes, and work places.

It is time to #BeTheChange

Why is this important?

Violence can happen anywhere, anytime.

We cannot wait for government or policy makers to do anything about this.

We have to personally get involved in our own capacity.

Peace is our human nature. Love is our nature.

Only when we find peace within, can we help spread it around.

We can do it together!

How it will be delivered

We invite 1000 changemakers to watch our peace education module and if it inspires you then join in our vision to screen the module in 1000 educational institutions during Dr. King's birth anniversary week Jan 16-20, 2023.

Lets make some noise for #peace #IStandforPeace