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To: President, US Senate, US House of Representatives

Demand Money and other Resources for Unwaged Caregivers, Our Families & Communities

-Unwaged primary caregivers in the home must receive COVID-19 relief money. And
we join the global call for a Care Income Now
-Eliminate all work requirements and time limits and increase benefit levels
-Ongoing, fully refundable child tax credits (available for anyone regardless of
income or lack of income)
-Extend fully refundable tax credits to those caring for other dependents as well as
those caring for children
-Provide cash relief directly to victims of domestic violence and/or rape and other
sexual abuse
-Emergency cash assistance must be paid on top of any public benefits
-All SNAP (food stamps) recipients must be eligible for emergency assistance and all SNAP benefits increased
-Comprehensive, high quality healthcare, free of cost to all, regardless of immigration status
-Stimulus payments to individuals must be protected from private creditors
-Make price-gouging illegal

-Stop removing children from the home because their mothers are poor or victims of domestic violence
-Return children home immediately where the goal is already reunification
-Stop the clock on adoption and termination of parental rights
-Maintain and extend in-person visitation
-Release all children detained at the border and in ICE detention to their families
domestic violence
-Stop deportations and ICE raids
-Provide rent forgiveness, and make housing, including vacant housing and
buildings where needed, available
-Stop all utility shutoffs including water and return service immediately to all whose
utilities have been shut off

-Provide free broadband and computers for low income families with children and for
elderly and/or disabled people
-Provide uninterrupted resources for families with special needs children and those
in ESL
-Mothers and other primary caregivers who have been criminalized must be released from prisons and jails
and provided with needed benefits and resources
-The right to women’s health services, including those that ensure the right to
reproductive choice, must be protected
-Stop industry, farming and military practices that pollute the environment and are
destructive to people’s health

Why is this important?

Mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers are counted on for everyone’s survival, especially but not only during this pandemic, yet we are never included in relief/stimulus legislation. Instead, we’re disrespected, especially those of us on welfare or other benefits struggling the hardest to survive. Our economic contributions are hidden, so we keep working even when ill, and without financial means we can’t escape domestic violence and face having our children taken away, as poverty is considered neglect.

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