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To: Alabama Judicial System


Leonard Gravesande was sentenced to life without parole for a self-defense murder on march 1st of this year. The Mobile county judge Edward McDermott violated Mr Gravesande.

1. The judge didn't allow Mr Gravesande to testify in his murder trial.

2. There was only one African American on the jury and Mr Gravesande is African American.

3. The judge allowed witness tampering during the trial.

4. There were two black women struck by the DA because he said they were social workers and they usually side with the defense.

5. The foreperson that read the guilty verdict has a conviction.

6. There was testimony all throughout the trial that pointed towards self defense but the judge wouldn't allow it to be added as an option for the jury to consider.

7. There was direct testimony from an expert that there was evidence withheld from Mr Gravesande's attorney.

8. The state handed the motion of discovery over to Mr Gravesande's attorney only two days before the trial began, which is also a violation.

The list goes on and on there were so many injustices done to Mr Gravesande all throughout his trial. Hence why we are starting this campaign in search of Mr Gravesande freedom. Thank you for accepting and reading this in advance! I look forward to hearing from you.

You can email the campaign founder directly at [email protected]

Or write directly to

Leonard Gravesande 206390
28779 Nick Davis Rd
Harvest, Al 35749

Why is this important?

By the constitution we as Americans have certain rights and when they're violated we have to come together and right the injustices.


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