• End Food Insecurity in Black Neighborhoods
    They should join me because it’s important that regardless of your skin color, you should not have healthy food restricted from you.
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    Created by Tommy Rust
  • The Blackshear land in Trinity County and more
    Governor Abbet recently was previous to read a letter from the governor in 1940 stating the property that a question was indeed, my great great grandfather land, but it has been sold, and I need your help to recover our property if any monies from the sale of the lumber that was on our land Mineral rights to our land where all companies in Wales indeed are libra visors so the town water supply and I need your help in doing so really I have Ayres my relatives have ass which should’ve been the three sisters who have passed away and didn’t enjoy it and I want that one send that one day on the property because it was not allowed back there so as a voting, Citizen of Texas which I am proud to be please stand up and show some compassion and help me and my family and I have his back. Thank you.
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    Created by Rosie Guidry
  • Demand Rachel Campos of FOX News be fired. Demand apology for calling Howard graduates DUMB on air.
    Black people are continuously seen and treated as subhuman and second-class citizens around the world, sometimes just visually because our skin is darker, no matter our mannerisms. By many we are assumed to be less or lower, and to some seen as dumb as a race, only athletic, especially if we are not in line with what is considered to be mainstream America thought. Start at 12 minutes in. https://youtu.be/DReL722fzHo?t=720 To reach people who are insulted & appalled by Rachel’s bold comments and respect education and the brilliance of Black people. In addition, the issue of white supremacy Rachel was disputing was backed by facts! Her opinion was false, flawed & incorrect! (That’s why Fox calls itself Entertainment Only and not News when their backs are against the wall in court for false reporting. ) The timing of her comments are also particularly an insult to the 4 children & 4 adults killed directly because of admitted White Supremacy last week!
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    Created by BlackAlkebulanQueen For Liberation from Living-while-Black PTSD
  • Kidnapping in the criminal justice system
    You need to know that our America of justice system is turning from a sweet land of liberty to a land of soar grapes. Did you know there are 60,000 people held in United States solitary confinement according to Equal Justice Initative. Our system really needs fixing due to there are too many innocent men fading and taken away to prisons. According to Innocent Projects 200 plus have been taken away from families (now exonerated from prison). I would like to speak to you about a story of a young man and his mother. One night a mother received a terrifying phone call from her son. No one knew where he was for three days. The mother was seeking his whereabouts. Finally, she heard from him with sounds of tears. He told her that he had been interrogated for hours. He has been in prison for 23 years and forgotten by the system. The system did not complete the process to the federal court (habeas corpus). The system has kidnapped this young man whom is innocent. Also, there was another young man on the news last month, he received 400 years in prison (exonerated). Remember President Biden declared a second chance to those serving extreme sentencing in our federal prisons, not just for drug laws but for those who are innocent and shows no danger to society. Let's come together to petition wrongfully convicted prisoners (our sons and daughters) and long consecutive sentences. Let's go to the hill for our sons and daughters. They have served enough time - more than 25 years. Let's get these cases back in the courts to be reviewed and to our legislators to appeal the cases. Let them come back to their families to vote and to serve in the community. The United States has incarcerated more people than any other country in the world and more people are serving life sentencings according to Given Compass Network. This is inhumane and this must stop. Enough is Enough! I believe that our voters want Freedom, Safety, Dignity, Equality and True Justice, thanks to Congresswoman Ayanna Pressly for these principles. The people need leaders and legislators who really care. We need a voice. Please just listen. Let's Vote!
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    Created by Bernice A
  • Black Women Have The Highest Deaths Rates During Child Birth
    This is an important cause because the death of Black mothers cripples the family unit and harms the child's quality of life. Mothers are essential to the nurturing and raising of the next generation and without them there's a void that will be hard to fill. Life matters and if we have the means and resources then these deaths are truly in vain. If you have a mom or lost a mom your voice needs to be heard concerning this matter.
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    Created by Tylone Boykins
  • An Icon Not A Criminal
    Gypsy Rose Blanchard is imprisoned for second degree murder when it was simply self defense. She is sitting in chillicothe correctional center in Missouri.She was simply fighting back for the years lost due to her abuser. Her own mother forced her to fake many illnesses such as leukemia,asthma, a seizure disorder,muscular dystrophy(forcing her to use a wheelchair) as well as seeing and hearing problems. Gypsy's mother “dee dee” also claimed she had mental illnesses such as the mental capacity of a 7 year old due to “brain damage as a result of premature birth”. not only that but deedee also forged gypsys birth certificate to make her seem younger tol receive benefits from charities. For such a long time that Gypsy was not aware of her true age for 15 years. Deedee forced Gypsy to take pills for all of these illnesses and many others not listed above. Investigators as well as many medical professionals found no sign of any disabilities in Gypsy, not mental or physical. Gypsy's mother has a history of violence. She poisoned her stepmother for confronting her about how she treats gypsy leading Deedee to change her last name. Deedee was also assumed to have intentionally let her own mother die by starving her in 1997. Deedee used extreme physical violence as well as psychological abuse to control Gypsy and force Gypsy to go along with everything mentioned above. Gypsy reached out online for help. She met a man online(Nicholas godejohn)who soon became her boyfriend. They talked for a while and met up in person. Gypsy was known to be just a teenager except she wasn't. She was an adult woman herself. They made a plan for him to come over and followed through. Gypsy hid in the bathroom as Nicholas killed her abuser. Although this may seem aggressive, this was the only way to get away from her mother. Her mother nearly killed Gypsy due to physical abuse multiple times as well as feeding her unneeded medication. Gypsy ran away and was found the next day and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She is eligible for parole in 2024. Gypsy should be released without parole and released as soon as possible. Gypsy was a lost girl who was forced to lose her entire juvenile life to a woman who beat her, drugged her, and psychologically abused her. As well as losing an entire decade of her adult life to prison for saving her own life. Even after all of that, Gypsy still was not the one to murder her abuser,DeeDee(her mother). She was simply an accomplice sitting on a bathroom floor..hoping for some freedom. Hoping to have her life back and to never get beat or drugged again. The system failed this poor girl and she was forced to take things into her own hands. Gypsy is innocent in my eyes. This was self defense. She was saving her own life.DeeDee's biological mother, DeeDees stepmother, gypsy was likely next. Gypsy needs to be released and without parole. Gypsy rose is an icon. She is brave. She is not a criminal. I propose she be Let free without parole. I don't believe she should have even been imprisoned. She should have been sent to a hospital that can help her cope with her trauma for a little while. The system has failed her once again. Unfortunately, it's far too late for that. Help Free gypsy rose blanchard. It's the least the community can do to make up for this unfair imprisonment.
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    Created by nevaeh mack
  • Justice for James Velissaris
    Black Fund Manager Files Motion to Withdraw Plea in Securities Case after Government hides evidence of innocence Infinity Q Founder James Velissaris Seeks Trial (Atlanta, Ga)-On Friday, leading law firm Barnes & Thornburg filed a motion on behalf of Infinity Q founder James Velissaris to withdraw from a November plea deal regarding one count of alleged securities fraud. Velissaris, a graduate of Harvard University and Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering, was one of the leading African American fund managers in the country at the time his case began. After establishing himself as one of the highest performing managers on Wall Street, Velissaris founded his own firm, Infinity Q Capital Management, in 2014 and was backed by renowned investor David Bonderman. In 2021, Velissaris was falsely accused of overstating the value of his multibillion-dollar fund solely based on a discrepancy between his valuation calculations and that of the Bloomberg BVAL pricing tool. Velissaris believed, and repeatedly stated that the tool was not working properly and therefore the team had to augment with other known industry data points to arrive at more reasonable valuations. In January of this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that the Bloomberg tool did, in fact, miscalculate values and, as a result, fined Bloomberg $5 million dollars. In his request to withdraw his plea, Velissaris' filing states on page 23, "At the same time the government was claiming BVAL was an authoritative source in this case to show that Mr. Velissaris improperly valued Infinity Q securities, the SEC had an ongoing investigation into that very same valuation tool. A significant part of Mr. Velissaris’ defense includes the reasonableness of his adjustments to the BVAL inputs in order to reach fair value for Infinity Q securities because of the very deficiencies in the tool shown by the SEC settlement.” The Infinity Q investor disclosure documents clearly state that the team had discretion to use their expert judgement when pricing the portfolio. According to the SEC settlement, the Bloomberg BVAL tool was not producing reasonable values. Therefore, Infinity Q valuations should not be expected to match the values of the broken tool. Velissaris' legal team submitted five additional points in their request to withdraw the plea. The six point argument for withdrawal asserts that (1) Velissaris repeatedly disclosed in investment documents to investors that the funds would depart from BVAL valuation, (2) his valuation models were in line with market conditions, (3) he requested from his previous legal team almost immediately to request a withdrawal (4), the government is not harmed by allowing Velissaris to go to trial and (5) that he did not want to accept a plea and (6), as stated above, the government hid several pieces of exculpatory evidence including known deficiencies in the Bloomberg BVAL tool. Velissaris recently retained legal counsel from Barnes & Thornburg's Washington, DC office. The legal team is led by Michael Battle, a former US Attorney, judge and director of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and Billy Martin, a former federal prosecutor with over 40 years of experience and named as one of the country's '50 Most Influential Minority Attorneys'. Currently, the request to withdraw is pending.
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    Created by Fred Hicks
  • Justice for Rasheem Carter!
    "This was a nefarious act. This was an evil act,"..."Somebody murdered Rasheem Carter, and we cannot let them get away with this.
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    Created by Valerie Wiliams
  • ARREST Marjorie Taylor/all her congressional cohorts for treason!
    Our founding fathers were imperfect! The Bill of Rights was not honored by those who enslaved people. Yet the purpose of creating a 'more perfect union' was noble. It is up to each of us to preserve our live, liberties, and the pursuits of happiness under the law. Tho' I don't agree with Liz Cheney's policies, I admire her honorable participation in the hearings. President Biden must enact NOW legislation with the help of the senate which protect our democracy, and all promised therein. He must also immediately put forth at least 4 more justices to serve on SCOTUS! My ancestors fled England and came to our shores to end the slave trade! One of my ancestors died as a captured union soldier during the Civil War! If we believe in 'a more perfect union' then we must do everything in our power to preserve, protect and enhance laws that serve to promote all that is good and honorable!
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    Created by Kathleen Perry
  • Stop harassment of Afro/indigenous Author
    Our rights are being violated every day and we have few left that are impactful. My right to be treated fairly and without discrimination is being violated by two Government Agencies HUD and Social Security. I am being subjected to verbal and discriminatory abuse because I wrote books that some Higher up does not agree with. But they will go to the mat defending the 2nd Amendment Rights of other citizens. I know it is about my published books because they specifically told me. The next step is for them to jail me on trumped up charges. It is important that others in the community understand how devious and racist this system is that we live under. If I was a white person writing the books I write I would be celebrated.
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    Created by Anita Wills
  • Sign on to Support Demands to Reimagine School Counseling in Long Beach Unified School District
    Student access to counseling is crucial for their well-being and long-term success and is one of the top priorities for the LBUSD community, according to the 2022-23 LCAP, or district spending plan. During budget engagement, community members expressed that "[f]ull time counselors are desparately needed" and that "wellbeing must be prioritized for students to feel safe and thrive". (https://www.lbschools.net/Asset/Files/Local_Control/LCAP-09-15-22-EN.pdf) Yet, LBUSD has one of the highest student-to-counselor ratios in the region, ranging from 2x to 5x the recommended ratio of 250 students per counselor. In addition, the TALB School Counselors Organizing Committee report found that 85% of LBUSD counselors are spending more than a quarter of their time on non-counseling duties, which is twice the national average. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z2SSAvsG_jatiuLPWRM935DXb7cXhR-q/view?usp=sharing) In June 2022, numerous organizations wrote a letter to LBUSD executive staff and board members requesting that action be taken to reduce high student-to-counselor ratios, inappropriate use of counselors for administrative, non-counseling duties, and to prioritize hiring Black counselors. To date, no response has been received. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K6tc8RjwtyhmvqyUU7HshxQ6SQwMWBOF/view) Please join us to advocate that LBUSD reimagine school counseling by working towards achieving a 250:1 student-to-counselor ratio and implementing a districtwide comprehensive school counseling program that adheres to AB 2508, which clarified the role of school counselors to promote mental health and create a safe and restorative learning environment for all students. Watch the townhall from October 2022 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B_vlFB1Xss&t=47s. Read the full report here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z-L8zQBGt15pK6vZd5i8-hGy1EWANuZb/view.
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    Created by Michael B
  • Manuel Ellis Equal Justice law
    On 3/3/2002..Mr Manuel Ellis did not resist arrest he had a conversation with the Tacoma Washington police officers..before they beat tased.hogtied.and put a split hood over his head Tacoma Washington police department is known for their cover your ass policy..meaning they remove facts or evidence of their wrong doing..I mean they actually call the Judge before every case of any Black person ..often making deals by phone on how The case will go .and although The courts provide a court attorney..The decision is already made because of Tacoma Washington cover your ass policy of The Tacoma Washington police department. In the state of Washington so although facts are provided to help The Black person..The Tacoma police department and The district attorney often throw any paperwork away ..AND Often violate the Human civil rights Of any one Black..This is The Tacoma Washington police department policy..
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    Created by Rashacharnel Kenyatta